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5 Lead Generation Benchmarks to Track in 2015 by Andrew Macey
21 July 2015

5 Lead Generation Benchmarks to Track in 2015 by Andrew Macey

For most inbound campaigns, success is measured by the number and quality of leads generated.  With extensive persona development and building out a buyer’s journey, marketers can start to identify high-priority leads and begin forecasting lead generation metrics for the upcoming year.  Tracking this data over time can provide significant insight into which channels convert best, how long leads stay within a sales cycle and help to identify where to allocate additional marketing resources.  To do so properly, it’s important to track key lead generation benchmarks month over month.  Here are 5 lead gen benchmarks that every marketing team should track in 2015:

Visit to Lead Conversion Rate (VTL%)

Probably one of the most important metrics for any inbound strategy is overall visit to lead conversion rate.  Well-performing websites convert visitors at around 2%, and often with good content, even higher.  This metric will clearly show how well your calls-to-action and landing pages are performing each month and whether or not you are using the right offers to attract new leads.  Because this benchmark is a percentage, it should be irrelevant of the increase or decrease in overall traffic numbers each month.  This benchmark is important to track often to identify new opportunities in low-converting channels.

Overall Contact Growth

Similar to the VTL%, tracking overall contact growth is also important.  For most marketing teams, these leads are needed to fill the sales pipelines, therefore the more leads that are generated; the more potential business is done.  Furthermore, as these leads begin to be scored and qualified further, odds are that a smaller percentage of these contacts will actually be right for sales follow-up.  Therefore, tracking overall contact growth will show you month-over-month how your lead generation campaigns are performing, which channels yield the highest conversions, and also help to show any gaps that might need addressing.

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