10 golden rules of IVR lead generation by Tim Harris
30 July 2015

10 golden rules of IVR lead generation by Tim Harris

You need more leads, right? It just makes sense — the more leads you have, the higher your probability of making a sale.

But there’s more to it than just getting more leads. Most agents don’t have a problem with lead generation — they have a problem with lead follow-up.

This is where interactive voice response (IVR) technology comes in: by letting you capture better contact information for the leads you’re already generating and helping you follow up with them immediately.

What do we mean by immediately? Back in 2007, Dave Elkington and Ken Krogue from InsideSales.com conducted an in-depth study on lead response time.

What they found was stunning: “The study revealed that the odds of making contact with a new lead are extremely high if you call within the first five minutes of submission,” Elkington said.

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