Getting Measurement of Content Marketing ROI Right by Rohit Roy
01 August 2015

Getting Measurement of Content Marketing ROI Right by Rohit Roy

Content marketers often do not receive the credit they deserve and their impact on revenue is usually undervalued. This is because they are unable to accurately measure the revenue generated by content marketing.

Accurate revenue measurement is tough, mainly because content marketing is an activity that resides on the top of the funnel. Here, prospects doing their own research are drawn in at the discovery stage, and sales cycles create obstacles as far as attribution in content marketing is concerned. Several issues also come up when management decisions have to be taken.

Content marketers would be in a better position to obtain higher budgets if they could precisely evaluate the revenue being generated from their content efforts.

This article discusses the extent to which content marketing is being undervalued from a revenue point of view, and explains how the impact of content marketing on the bottom line can be measured with greater accuracy.

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