Agent Portal Platform

As part of the LeadCloud Distribution Services, carriers, agencies, and lead sellers can now provide a fully branded agent portal to their agent field teams to help automate the registration and management of agents who want to receive purchased or self-generated leads.  


These agent portals can be fully White-Labeled with the portal owners logo, design elements,and URL, or can be LeadCloud branded services.  The portal owner has full site-wide control of all site content and services provided to the agents.



Portal Owner Features


Full Control of a Fully Branded Portal

The LeadCloud Agent Portals are completely self-contained and branded portals, and our portal owners have full site wide administrative control over content and services.  Most agent services are fully self-service through the portal based on roles based authentication provided within the content management system of the portal.

Integration & Optimization

Each Agent Portal can include all LeadCloud pre-built and mapped integrations to over 100 of the top lead sellers and service providers in the industry.  Portal owners can allow their agents to pick and choose which sources they’d like to buy leads from, and which verification, scoring, and Hot Transfer vendors they’d like to utilize via simple checkbox.  In addition, self-generated leads can be distributed to agents through the agent portal in place of, or along side of purchased leads.


Agents using the Agent Portals can leverage all of the LeadCloud Distribution services allowing them to receive leads via email/SMS, 3rd party CRM (Velocify, SalesExec, etc.), or via direct integration.


And finally, agents can utilize all LeadCloud Lead Management features such as de-duping across all sources, global filtering, real time lead decisioning, and custom reporting.

Mobile Ready Responsive Design

Our Agent Portals our built with Responsive Designs that are optimized for all devices including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.  These responsive designs provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across almost any type of device.  To see this for yourself, visit our demo Agent Portal site at from a tablet or mobile device.

Agent Features


Account Profile

Agents can provide appropriate contact information to the portal owner, along with lots of other information on their agency locations, area of expertise, etc.

Account Management

Once an agent has registered on their Agent Portal and confirmed their email address, they can setup their account by providing:

  • Account On & Off
  • Hours of Operation
  • Hourly and Daily volume caps
  • Lead Filters
  • Preferred lead delivery method
  • Credit Card information to fund their account
  • Online and downloadable reporting