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03 June 2015

9 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats From the Last Few Days By Christopher Heine

It's only Wednesday, but it's already been quite a week in the world of digital marketing. So, we've curated the most intriguing statistics from the space in just the last few days—and they're not all about #CallMeCaitlyn, either. Check them out. 

1. As we reported last week, Periscope users shared their livestreams on Twitter 1.5 million times through May 22 (1,510,709, to be exact) since the app became popular in March, according to Nuvi. The social analytics company has now also revealed that Periscope competitor Meerkat livestream URLs were shared on Twitter 1,521,424 times during the same period, which is slightly higher and a bit surprising since Periscope has been perceived as the more popular app of the two for the last couple of months—not to mention that Twitter owns Periscope. 

2. In the two days since Caitlyn Jenner publicly unveiled her gender transformation on the cover of Vanity Fair, she's gained 2.3 million Twitter followers. That's nearly as many as President Barack Obama's 2.6 million, and he launched his account on May 18. Additionally, Jenner broke Obama's world record for the fastest ever to reach 1 million followers, achieving the mark in four hours compared with the commander in chief's five hours. She may be the only Republican who can beat the prez at social media. 

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