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04 July 2015

Myths of the Mobile Insurance Shopper Debunked from

Cambridge, Mass., June 17, 2015 – EverQuote Inc., analyzed quote requests over a 5-month period to determine whether or not the use of a mobile device or desktop computer affected auto insurance shopping behavior. Although some believe that the mobile consumer has different behavior or intentions, the data says otherwise. 

The research shows that consumers of similar ages that shop on mobile devices for auto insurance are no different than desktop consumers of the same age. The key findings include:

  • Consumers shopping on mobile devices have the same intent to request quotes and buy coverage as desktop users.
  • Mobile consumers are more likely to complete the typically extensive quote request form for auto insurance than desktop users.
  • The amount of coverage requested has nothing to do with how the coverage was requested (mobile or desktop) – it is consistent by age.
  • At 29, the median age of mobile consumers is higher than the typically assumed 18-25, though still significantly lower than desktop users.

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