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26 July 2015

Red Ventures CEO: We’re going to keep growing from

Red Ventures, the Indian Land-based marketing and sales firm that has more than doubled its workforce in the past five years, is poised for further expansion, CEO Ric Elias told the Observer.

Plans include construction of a fourth building starting next month on 120 acres the company bought in September around its headquarters, the company says. The new building can house 1,400 employees.

The current expansion would be the third since Red Ventures moved from Charlotte in 2009. Its workforce has grown from around 1,000 then to 2,500 now, including 400 at its University City office. Just Friday, the company announced plans to hire 500 more this month.

Founded in 2000, the technology-driven company helps its clients – Red Ventures calls them “partners” – attract and retain customers with services ranging from research, to taking inbound calls, to business development. Among its clients are Verizon, DirecTV and MetLife.


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