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Who's the bigger disruptor, step right up!
03 August 2020

Who's the bigger disruptor, step right up!

Imagine yourself as a brilliant young actuary — wouldn’t it be cool to sign on with visionary Elon Musk and help rethink insurance? For that matter, it won’t stop at actuaries — other industry professionals are sure to be recruited for this venture. Underwriters (if they have them), adjusters, loss control engineers, and others will probably join on. Now, that is no guarantee of success … and the same long play dynamics will apply to Tesla as Lemonade. However, what Tesla has are some unique advantages. First, it has a well-respected, established brand. Secondly, it has the underlying assets that will be insured — the electric/autonomous vehicles. Third, it has the track record and energy of Musk and his enterprise. Of course, this is all speculation. Tesla may not go full bore into insurance, and if they do, they may not succeed for various reasons. But I, for one, would not bet against Elon Musk.

Learn more here - https://www.propertycasualty360.com/2020/07/30/which-is-the-biggest-insurance-disruptor-lemonade-or-tesla/?enlcmp=nltrplt2&kw=Is%20Lemonade%20or%20Tesla%20the%20biggest%20insurance%20disruptor?&utm_campaign=dailynews&utm_content=20200730&utm_medium=enl&utm_source=email&utm_term=pc360


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