Wearable technology and drone Insurtech partnerships: Roundup - LeadCloud News
Wearable technology and drone Insurtech partnerships: Roundup
17 February 2021

Wearable technology and drone Insurtech partnerships: Roundup

Country Financial has selected Loveland Innovations' IMGING to centralize collection and analysis of property claim data. In the new partnership, Loveland Innovations will provide COUNTRY Financial's property claims department with IMGING's AI-powered inspection platform and on-demand virtual inspection services. John Butkus, Director, Property Claims at COUNTRY Financial says, "From minimizing adjuster time on roofs with the use of our drones, to utilizing their IMGING On-Demand inspection service with our field staff and desk adjusting team, to centralizing claim data in one platform, Loveland Innovations has built an ecosystem that checks all of the boxes for property claims. We are now doing in IMGING what used to require multiple vendors.”

Lemonade has chosen Bestow as its platform for life insurance. The new partnership, powered by Bestow’s Protect API, allows Lemonade customers to apply for a new product, life insurance, within its website and apps. Greeted by Lemonade’s AI chatbot Maya, customers are guides them through a conversational application. Through the Protect API, customers are underwritten in real-time and are notified finstantly on approval. Bestow uses third-party data to determine eligibility and pricing in seconds, eliminating the need for a medical exam.

Aclaimant, workflow process automation platform for safety and risk management, announces a partnership with StrongArm Technologies, safety science company, to combines Aclaimant's technology and risk management expertise with StrongArm's Fuse Flex wearable product. "Our partnership with StrongArm will enhance the roadmap of our business by providing employers with enhanced data through wearable technology to ensure those working in the manufacturing, construction, hospitality and staffing industries are compliant and safe as the global pandemic continues. By providing employees with wearable technology and a streamlined platform, our clients will be positioned to lead the charge in the next evolution of risk management and employee safety,” shared David Wald, Co-founder and CEO, Aclaimant.

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