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31 August 2014

Three Emerging Content Marketing Trends by Bill Momary

As with many a burgeoning trend in the media business that grows quietly before bursting onto the scene, content marketing finally may have arrived in the wider world's consciousness.

In June, The New York Times dropped a bombshell on the revenue model of legacy media when it published a paid post that looked more like its much-lauded 2012 multimedia story “Snow Fall” than a crass advertorial. The package, a magazine-length feature with animated graphics and documentary-style videos, was published to promote the new season of HBO's Orange Is the New Black.

While the Times left no doubt that this content was sponsored by an advertiser, users didn't seem to care much given the quality. Even journalists from the Times found themselves praising the native advertisement, which didn't explicitly tout the show's new season but offered stories of women doing or having done hard prison time, which the series is about.


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