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16 January 2014

Trending Topics

With the New Year comes new challenges along with opportunities. Here are samples of a few topics trending in the insurance community:

  • What should we need to do about TCPA?  Buyers and sellers are seeking answers to deal with the Telephone Consumers Protection Act that ratcheted up late last year. Is your auto-dialer covered under the FCC”s definition? Are text messages exempt or are they similarly covered by the same regulation?
  • Are there any reliable scoring and/or lead optimization companies that will help us get better results from our Internet lead purchasing?


  • Are there any solutions to eliminate the costly issue with purchasing duplicated leads?  The time and money spent dealing with this issue often affects Agent morale and affects our COA.


  • Are SEM, SEO and original sourced leads that much better than traffic from aggregators?  How can we prioritize these ‘boutique’ lead sellers with our busy IT schedule?


  • What is the best CRM for our industry?

Because LeadCloud is neither a buyer nor seller of leads, we are able to provide solutions and recommendations to these questions and more. Integration is all we do and we do it better than any other company. Ours is a simple solution that we will be happy to demonstrate to you on at your convenience.

With just over two months until LeadsCon in Las Vegas, appointments are beginning to book up quickly. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.


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