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16 September 2014

The 5 most common content marketing mistakes by Gilad de Vries

The promise of content marketing is the astounding ability to provide value to your audience, help them find great advice and entertain them. In order to do so successfully, we need to adjust and react to insights provided by data. But in order to make those adjustments, we need to ensure that we're actually measuring the right indicators and not creating strategy based on arbitrary numbers.

Looking at site engagement in aggregate

The most common mistake in measurement is comparing traffic sources to a site by primarily looking at the Google Analytics' dashboard high level comparison table of traffic sources, which shows the number of page views, average session length, bounce rates, and page views per session. Your site has very different types of pages: a homepage, landing pages for campaigns, content pages, e-commerce pages, etc. The nature of engagement with each type of page is very different. A product page or an e-commerce section has a much higher "time on site" than a blog post. So, if one traffic source drives traffic to the e-commerce section and another traffic source drives traffic to the blog post, the results of that engagement will look very different if we simply compare numbers like time -- even if they are achieving their optimal result.

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