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02 January 2014

Lead Gen Powerhouse ReviMedia partners with LeadCloud

NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – ReviMedia, Inc., a cutting-edge lead generation powerhouse today announced its partnership with LeadCloud, a lead service platform that connects lead buyers and sellers. The integration of LeadCloud’s platform into ReviMedia’s proprietary lead marketplace, LXP, provides both systems with the ability to expand their lead buyer mix, therefore offering additional monetization streams for its publishers.

ReviMedia’s proprietary lead exchange platform LXP was developed completely in-house. The full-service platform is connected to over 1,000 publishers and has so far processed over 6 mm leads. The platform includes innovative tools to automate lead scoring and verification for greater efficiency. For its patent-pending lead scoring mechanism QiQ, the company received an Eloqua Markies finalist award for Best Lead Scoring Program.

By partnering with LeadCloud, ReviMedia will be able to extend LXP’s existing buyer base and vertical mix to its publishers. Although both companies are active in similar areas, both platforms will benefit from each other’s strengths and from presenting their publishers with the added value of higher monetization streams and a more diverse buyer mix.

“In our effort to make LXP the foremost lead marketplace in the industry, partnering with LeadCloud’s platform is a valuable partnership that will add to LXP’s value. We believe this integration will be advantageous for our partners,” says COO of ReviMedia Bas Offers.

“This partnership offers both LeadCloud and ReviMedia the opportunity to benefit from each other’s strengths. We are thrilled that our integration with LXP will offer our lead buyers a new source of high quality, highly filtered insurance leads,” added CEO of LeadCloud Brian Ocheltree.

About ReviMedia

ReviMedia is a fast-growing lead generation company, offering sophisticated lead exchange with its proprietary platform LXP. This full-service platform includes a suite of innovative tools providing the newest technology in lead scoring and verification, therefore guaranteeing high lead quality. ReviMedia, a member of Leads Council, operates in a wide range of verticals within the insurance, automotive and home security industries, and owns exclusive domains including BestQuotes.com, PetPremium.com and AutoComparison.com. ReviMedia is based in New York, NY.

About LeadCloud

LeadCloud is a cloud-based integration platform that allows lead buyers to easily connect with lead sellers and lead service providers without the hassle of having to build individual integrations. Built on a rock-solid Microsoft platform and hosted in the Amazon cloud, LeadCloud is a stable, secure, and infinitely scalable lead integration platform that seamlessly connects the buyers, sellers, and service providers through one simple integration.


SOURCE ReviMedia, Inc.


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