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07 April 2014

Service Spotlight – Duplicate Checking

The LeadCloud Duplicate Checking service is one of many cusomizable integration services available to all LeadCloud lead buyers and sellers through our integration platform.  This service is fully customizable, and scalable to any size requirement.

Even with a concerted effort to avoid lead duplication by the lead sellers in our industry, duplicates are still common and if not caught at point of entry, can harm your lead conversion rates and the customer experience represented by your brand significantly.  And with the number of lead sources consumed by lead buyers these days, the task of de-duping is getting more and more difficult.

At a high level here is how LeadCloud can help with the duplicate lead problem:

  • Creating custom checks to match business needs – We can configure our system to match any field or combination of fields from lead data.
  • Cross-seller duplicate checking – We have the ability to check for duplicates within a specific seller or across all sellers.  This layer of duplicate checking prevents a buyer from accidentally purchasing the same lead from two vendors at the same time.
  • Custom look back windows – Each configuration has its own look back window.  This allows us to set up duplicate checking on a case-by-case basis.  You can specify a number of hours, days, or even months to check against.
  • Super-fast processing time – The process of checking for duplicates takes on average less than .05 seconds!  This allows for real-time duplicate checking prior to leads being sent to the buyer.  With our cloud-based infrastructure we can scale with your needs to keep the process as quick as possible.
  • Complex Decision Models – Our platform allows for more than a simple yes/no evaluation.  We can apply conditional logic to allow for conditions like “if name and phone are not duplicates but phone is a duplicate, still allow the lead”.
  • Automatically reject leads back to the seller – We can reject duplicate leads without sending duplicate requests to the buyers system.  Additionally we can apply custom response messages back to the seller as needed.

Duplicate checking is just one of many unique benefits the LeadCloud Integration Platform offers.  For more information or questions on our duplicate checking functionality, contact LeadCloud today,


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