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September 2014

One Man’s Junk Email Is Another’s Content Marketing Treasure by Gerry Moran

One man’s ‘junk’ email is another man’s content marketing ‘treasure.’ You just need to embrace the ‘Oscar The Grouch editorial manager’ in you!
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How To Stop Failing At Content Marketing by Greg Satell

Now that digital technology has revolutionized how we distribute information, marketers are trying to apply many of the same principles to content. Unfortunately, it simply doesn’t work that way. The truth is that, in a content driven world marketers need to start thinking less like advertisers and more like publishers. Here’s what needs to be done.
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The 5 most common content marketing mistakes by Gilad de Vries

The promise of content marketing is the astounding ability to provide value to your audience, help them find great advice and entertain them. In order to do so successfully, we need to adjust and react to insights provided by data. But in order to make those adjustments, we need to ensure that we're actually measuring the right indicators and not creating strategy based on arbitrary numbers.
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Lead Generation Tips – Using The Inside Look by Matt Ford

Like it or not, a lead generation process has a considerable amount of sucking up both on the part of the marketers and on the prospects. How many times have you encountered a scenario where one party is afraid of offending the other (be it via rejection or criticism)?
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SalesPredict and Marketo Partner to Help Customers Target more Effectively and Increase Conversion Rates using Predictive Analytics by Business Wire

SalesPredict, a SaaS technology provider that helps B2B companies increase revenues using predictive analytics, today announced it has released an integration into Marketo on the Marketo LaunchPoint™ Ecosystem.
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Lead generation tips from the coolest kids in school by Graeme Wilson

Why do cool kids have so many friends? After a little playground analysis, we realized that the tactics used by cool kids to make friends aren't that different from the lead generation tactics smart marketers use to find new customers.
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The Key Ingredients to B2B Online Lead Generation by Tim Asimos

Attracting qualified traffic to your website is only the first step in a successful online marketing program. The next step is to convert unknown visitors into leads through effective lead generation strategies that prompt them to take action.
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Keeping Your Lead Generation Campaign Alive… Along with your Passions by Lawrence Anderson

How often does your lead generation campaign focus on the prospects that generate the highest sales? How often does that focus wind up compromising the original passion your company had for innovating business software or making changes to how people process and work with data?
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The 7 Deadly Sins Of The Software Lead Generation And Sales Process by Emma Vas

The software sales process can be perilous – even lead generation for your business software is risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’re not talking about risk to yourself, but to your business and to your bottom line.
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LinkedIn's New Enterprise Sales Tool Could Be Big For B2B Marketers by Alex Kantrowitz

A new LinkedIn product geared towards salespeople may soon be a mainstay in b-to-b marketing departments.
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