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September 2014

Manufacturers improve sales with lead generation by Louise Robinson

Companies in traditionally business-to-business industries are often under the misapprehension that marketing initiatives are not for them. This is particularly true for the manufacturing sector, which is more sales dominant and less marketing oriented.
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MeritDirect Introduces Predictive Marketing Suite by Al Urbanski

New solutions include next logical product and customer lookalike modeling. The long-time direct marketing player announces it will open a San Jose office in September.
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Using Software Lead Generation to Improve Old Skills by Lawrence Anderson

One of the biggest problems in marketing business software is contending with the folks who fear the technology. At times these fears are baseless, but other times these aren’t so much fears as they are legitimate concerns. Among the most notable is that new technology often diminishes time-honored skills. Case in point: handwriting and the keyboard.
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Sales Lead Generation Doesn’t Make Automatic Kings by Max Stinson

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how embarrassing a situation like that can be for a marketer. But more importantly, it’s one that can really derail an otherwise successful campaign. Here’s another example. Say you’re an SEO marketer.
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5 reasons why social media is actually really fruitful for B2B startups by Ankit Dudhwewala

In the last three to four years, social media marketing has increasingly become popular. Consumer product companies have special budgets for social media, though when it comes to business-to-business companies (especially in India) its marketing benefits are overlooked. Most companies are apprehensive and believe it is not meant for them. “Our customers are not on social media,” is what I often hear.
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The Current State Of Content Marketing Is Abysmal by Aron Kahlow

The new content marketing research released from Forrester in partnership with the Online Marketing Institute and the Business Marketing Association reminds us all how far we have to go to be really effective “content marketers.”
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How to Be a World Cup Winner on Social Media by Lucy Hardaker

Germany’s performance throughout the World Cup has gained them more than just a few fans. Their nail-biting goal at the final caused (on average) a massive 618,725 tweets per minute. We decided to take a look at how us B2B marketers can win fans on social like the World Cup winners themselves. So here’s 3 goal scoring techniques (get it?) you can use to increase your social fan base.
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4 Tips to Create a Solid Lead Generation Strategy by Comm100

The landscape of lead generation is in a constant state of evolution, and the speed in which it changes continues to pick up the pace. Several ‘new and popular’ strategies that were once believed to be the most effective are getting pushed to the backburner: many of them having come about within the last five years.
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Future of Content Marketing: What Do The Experts Say? by Vignesh Subramanyan

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) recently had a webinar to discuss exactly that – The Future of Content Marketing. In this webinar, four industry thought leaders including CMI’s very own Joe Pulizzi, discussed the future of content marketing, examined some past predictions, and discussed a handful of recurring issues in this space.
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B2B Marketing: Marketers Struggle without a Comprehensive Approach by Jonathan Crowl

B2B marketers still grapple with the challenge of driving business results from their content marketing strategies, according to a recent report from Forrester. The report found that only 14 percent of B2B marketers believe their content strategies are effective—though 93 percent engage in content marketing, and over half consider their current strategies to be mature, which Forrester believes may reflect a B2B marketing industry that doesn’t fully understand content marketing.
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