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August 2014

Three Emerging Content Marketing Trends by Bill Momary

As with many a burgeoning trend in the media business that grows quietly before bursting onto the scene, content marketing finally may have arrived in the wider world's consciousness. Bill Momary looks at the advertising genre, which includes the popular term native ads, that has been growing steadily inside and outside of traditional media.
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Why Many Lead Generation Campaigns Fail And What You Can Do To Avoid It by Don Seckler

Have you ever had a lead generation campaign fail? Probably you have, most of us have. Failure is not such a bad thing though. Obviously you’d rather be successful, but failure can actually be a good thing if you can learn from it. So lets talk about why many lead generation campaigns fail and what you can learn from it so that you avoid failing again.
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6 Ways You Can Solve Your Lead Generation Problems Right Now by Allie Gray Freeland

Are you struggling to find new prospects for your business? Have your lead generation techniques started to fizzle out just a bit? Finding new prospects can take up a lot of your time and energy, which are limited resources. You could work harder for your lead generation needs, or you could work smarter.
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How To: Social Media Lead Generation by Michelle Baruchman

Social Media have the responsibility of building brand awareness, generating buzz and providing customer service. Increasingly, however, social media is being used for lead generation.
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What Do You Want Your Content Marketing to Achieve? by Beth Negus Viveiros

Content marketing that connects with audiences in a measurable way is essential for B2B social success, especially on LinkedIn.
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Strategic Thinking for Better Lead Generation by Gregg Schwartz

In small business, efficient prospecting for new customers (lead generation) is essential for success in achieving revenue targets and meeting other business goals. The myriad lead generation options at the business manager’s disposal all fall into two main categories: outbound lead generation (phone solicitation, direct mail, paid advertising, and email marketing) and inbound lead generation (Search Engine Optimization, social media, PPC).
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6 Ways to Hone Your Lead-Scoring Skills by John Camplejohn

If you've got too many different campaigns going on, or your marketers are engaging on social platforms where your target customers don't often go, you're making the process more complex for no reason. Audit your marketing activities to ensure that you're spending money and time on the highest potential lead-generation activities, not just throwing content -- and funds -- into the digital wind.
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Lead Generation Through Content Marketing by Mike Wheatley

Content marketing is an ongoing conversation. If you can capture the interest and trust of your readers, you have exponentially increased your opportunity to capture and nurture these conversations into motivated and loyal clients.
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Only 16% of B2B Companies Use Marketing Automation: Study by Alex Kantrowitz

A paltry 16% of North American b-to-b companies use marketing automation technology, according to new study by SiriusDecisions.
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Combining Paid Search With LinkedIn Ads for B2B Success by Beth Negus Viveiros

Using paid advertising options on LinkedIn to reach specific target personas is an emerging opportunity that many B2B marketers still aren’t taking advantage of, says Janet Driscoll Miller, president and CEO of data-driven agency Marketing Mojo.
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