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August 2014

Fliptop Launches Predictive Lead Scoring Application on Salesforce1 AppExchange

Fliptop has released its cloud-based predictive lead scoring application on the Salesforce1 AppExchange, enabling B2B companies to use data science instead of "gut feel" to prioritize leads and accounts.
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Grow Your Email List Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards by VerticalResponse

Want to grow your email list? Of course you do! Twitter’s lead generation cards are a great way to do just that. Outdoor apparel store, Rock/Creek, got 1,700 new email sign ups in a week by using this social media tool. Interested? We’ll show you how to set up an account and create your first lead generation card.
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LeadCloud Closes $1M Series A Funding

ELLICOTT CITY, Md., Aug. 18, 2014/PRNewswire/ -- LeadCloud, a fully transparent, cloud-based platform in the online marketing industry, announced today that it has raised $1M in a Series A round of funding, bringing its total funds raised to $1.2M.
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The 3 Most Important Aspects of Inbound Marketing by Douglass Burdett

Are you a bit overwhelmed by inbound marketing and all its moving parts? Don’t be – it all comes down to three concepts.
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Getting the Most Out of Marketing Automation by Patrick Gorman

Getting the most out of marketing automation solutions can be a big challenge, especially for those who are new to the technology and its capabilities. Once these systems are up and running, it’s critical to keep the content and creative part of the equation up to high standards in order to keep audiences engaged.
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C9 Brings Machine Learning to Lead Scoring by Al Urbanski

OppScore promises to predict quarterly revenues and provide tactics to maximize close rates for sales teams.
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Bankrate partners with Realtor.com for mobile app by Brian Bandell

Bankrate has partnered with Realtor.com and Move Inc. to launch a mobile mortgage app that helps homebuyers see what they can afford. The app allows homebuyers to enter their financial information, compare current interest rates, and determine what price range they can afford. Once they match that up with an active listing, the app takes into account local tax and insurance rates to calculate the estimated monthly payment.
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How Marketing Technology Can Stop Consumer Disconnect by Beth Negus Viveiros

Despite the best efforts of all involved, there’s often a disconnect between interactions consumers and companies looking to generate leads have online and on the phone. Marketing technology can help bridge that gap.
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How to Move Marketing Automation Beyond Email by Natalie Dykyj

To get the maximum value from marketing automation, marketers must go beyond automating email. Here are three tips for using automation in cross-channel campaigns.
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How To Reduce Ad Fraud With Lead Verification And Scoring by Frans Van Hulle

Overall media spending has increased over the last couple of years, with new digital channels promising advertisers to connect to new core audiences. However, as digital marketing budgets increase, a large amount of revenues is lost due to rampant fraud. The Wall Street Journal reports that an estimated 36% of all web traffic is considered fraudulent, amounting up to $6 billion in the US alone.
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