LeadCloud is the first Transparent Lead Marketplace allowing lead buyers to Diversify, Optimize, Distribute, and Manage their data leads from one single integration and dashboard.

LeadCloud is 100% transparent.  Buyers, sellers, and service providers contract directly with each other, or our buyers can choose to purchase through the LeadCloud Quick Start service allowing transparent aggregation through one simple contract.

Built on a rock-solid Microsoft platform and hosted in the Amazon cloud, LeadCloud is a stable, secure, and infinitely scalable lead integration platform that seamlessly connects the buyers, sellers, and service providers in the lead ecosystem.

Unlike virtually anyone else in the industry, lead Integration is our sole focus. Our level of preparation, investment, and experience in the art and science of Data Lead Integration is unparalleled.


LeadCloud Platform Features


Integrate Instantly with new Lead Sources

Scoring leads so that you're only buying the best leads for your organization is significantly less valuable when you are supply constrained.  To fully take advantage of the latest lead verification and scoring services available today, lead buyers need access to more lead volume and from more direct sources.  The problem lies with the time and effort required to find, compare, and integrate with all of the sellers available.  LeadCloud solves this problem by providing completely transparent access to virtually all insurance lead sellers available today through one single point of integration.  LeadCloud Buyers can buy directly from over 70 of the top auto and home lead sellers instantly with no integration required, and we're adding new ones weekly.


Optimize Lead Selection

Once they have excess lead volume available, Lead Buyers can begin to leverage a growing market of lead verification and scoring vendors who can allow them to select which leads are most likely to purchase their product.  However, these services require direct integrations which can be a daunting task, especially if you plan to use more than one.  LeadCloud solves this by making these custom integrations available instantly, to all leads delivered through our platform.  With no integrations required, it is less costly for buyers to try new vendors and find those that are best for their specific situation.   LeadCloud has pipes pre-built to all of the leading Lead Verification, Scoring, and Appending services.


Manage the Entire Process

Once a Lead Buyer has Diversified and Optimized their lead flow, the LeadCloud platform provides a robust set of tools to allow them to efficiently manage their entire lead flow , such as:

Customized de-duping - De-dup across all sources, with custom time frames and duplication criteria (ie Last Name + Email + Phone)

Global filtering - Ability to filter across all sources based on custom filters that can change as often as necessary

Real time decisioning -  Ability to Accept, Reject, or Append data to leads in real time based on information received from third party vendors or hosted logic provided by the buyer.

Dynamic Bidding -  Provide buyers with the ability to bid dynamically to ping/post sellers

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To use a singular and obsessed focus on data integration to create the industry's leading Lead Integration Platform, making lead integration challenges disappear for everyone else.

  • Add new Lead Sources Instantly
  • Add 3rd Party Services instantly
  • 100% Transparency
  • Free for Buyers
  • De-duping
  • Day Parting
  • Hourly Capping
  • Global Filtering
  • Decisioning (Accept/Reject)
  • Dynamic Bidding.
  • Custom Ping Tree
  • High touch or Self Service