Super Click and Hot Transfer Data Platform


So, what is a Super Click?

A Super Click, or Enhanced Click is a click sold to an Advertiser that includes data. These can be some of the top producing leads an Advertiser can buy, and the supply and demand for these is one of the fastest growing services in our lead ecosystem.


Click vs. Data Lead vs. Super Click

A Click is created when a publisher shows a text or display ad to a consumer via a web page or an email, and the consumer clicks the link in the ad and is taken to that Advertisers page, usually to a lead generation form owned by the Advertiser.

A Data Lead is created when a publisher shows a text or display ad to a consumer via a web page or an email, and the consumer clicks the link in the ad and is taken to the Publisher’s or Lead Generator’s page, which is usually a lead generation form owned by the Lead Generator.  Once the consumer completes the form and hits “Submit”, a Data Lead is created, and Lead Generator sells that Data Lead either one time (Exclusively) or up to 8 times (Shared) to Data Lead buyers.  In addition, it is very common for the Lead Generator to show a Thank You page after the consumer submits their data lead, which shows a list of Advertisers.  If the consumer clicks any of those links, they are taken to that Advertisers page.  In other words, a Click has been created and sold in addition to the Data Lead being created and sold.

This process has existed for years and has worked very well for many.  The Advertisers are able to buy both Clicks and Data Leads, and the Lead Generators are able to make enough money generating both to cover their very high advertising costs, which have become insanely high because of the Brand Advertisers with very deep pockets.

But even though this process has worked well for years, it isn’t really an ideal consumer experience if you think about it, especially in the Auto Insurance industry where there are many questions required for a quote.  The poor consumer takes the time to fill out the very long Auto Insurance form on the lead generators site, and hits “Submit”.  They are then shown a Thank You page showing a list of awesome auto insurance carriers.  They click a link and are taken to a carrier’s page which has a blank form, and they have to answer all of the questions over again.

And even with this issue, clicks have been very successful for both the sellers and the buyers for years, which I guess shows that we have some very motivated consumers.

The Super Click is the solution to this consumer experience issue.  A Super Click is simply a click that is sold along with the corresponding data the consumer entered.  This data is usually pre-populated onto the Advertisers form so that when the consumer clicks a link on a Thank You page, they are taken to a form on the Advertisers page that already has their information pre-populated.  In addition to solving the consumer experience issue of redundant entry, this can drastically increase the conversion rate for the Advertiser for obvious reasons.

I would estimate that more than 50% of the clicks sold today come from Thank You pages post form submit.  So, if there is data available for 50% of the clicks sold today, why isn’t the data sent along more often than it is today?  My guess is that it is because of the data integration challenge.  The process of receiving that data in real time, from lots of different providers all of whom have different formats and requirements, mapped properly for each state and to the Buyers required format is extremely difficult.  And not only do they need to solve this inbound data integration problem, they have to be able to create a unique URL for each lead, and return that in the proper format back to each provider in real time.

That is where LeadCloud comes in.  We are the best in the industry at this type of data integration and mapping, and our Super Click Universal Adaptor solves all of this for the advertiser or the provider.  Once connected to our Universal Adaptor for your first provider (or buyer), you are done.  The others that you add require no work on your side.  We provide all of the two way real time integration services as well as the mapping requirements of both the provider and buyer.



Hot Transfers

A Hot Transfer is a type of call lead that an advertiser can buy that is usually a consumer transferred to the sales floor via a three way hand off.  Many of these calls are generated by the seller by making an outbound call to a consumer that has already filled out a data lead form.  Therefore, these calls have corresponding data as well, since the consumer has already provided all of their information.

Obviously, having the full lead data in front of the sales agent before they talk to the consumer is valuable.  But, getting this data in real time from the seller is a data integration challenge.

The LeadCloud platform solves this by becoming a One & Done universal adaptor for both the seller and buyer of Hot Transfers.  Once connected to the platform, this connection can be used for all future buyers or sellers.