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Nationwide licenses Insurify in choice push

Nationwide is licensing Insurify’ s insurance-comparison platform as the backbone of its Digital Brokerage unit.

Digital Brokerage is meant to build a relationship with customers who come to Nationwide looking for coverage that the carrier doesn’t offer in that state. The Insurify platform will provide quotes for carriers that can meet that customers’ need. Nationwide, meanwhile, will be able to keep those prospects on file in case they are eligible for Nationwide coverage in the future.

“For customers who come to us through a partnership or, and are in a state where we don’t sell those products, we’ll put them on the Insurify process,” says Marcy Pelecky, AVP of brokerage placement for Nationwide. The first product that will be offered is auto insurance, with home in the cards later on, Pelecky adds.

“As we go out to meet customers where they are, we recognize that Nationwide may not be able to provide everything that that customer needs,” continues Angie Klett, SVP of corporate development for Nationwide. “So as we meet the customer where they are in their normal journey through the partnerships that we have with other parties, we are offering other carriers alongside because we know that customers value choice.”

Nationwide’s relationship with Insurify goes back several years. The insurer has invested in the insurtech as far back as its Series A, and Klett says the company “been looking for ways to deploy that technology and that capability within Nationwide.”

Insurify has entered other licensing agreements, most recently with Toyota, and still operates its own comparison site. Founder Snejina Zacharia says, “We are very impressed with all the capabilities Nationwide has built in terms of optimizing online purchase and, and user experience for their core product. And we're really looking to be the partner of choice in meeting the customers anywhere they are in whatever additional products they might need.”

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