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The General Insurance announces a new partnership with NRG Rocket League

The General Insurance announced its entry into the world of esports with an agreement with NRG Esports’ World Champion Rocket League team. NRG’s Rocket League team will be renamed “The General NRG” for all future competitive and non-competitive events, and the Rocket League team will be outfitted in The General NRG-branded jerseys. NRG is a professional entertainment and gaming company, and it has proven to be one of Rocket League’s top competitive forces. According to a press release from The General, "This partnership is part of our larger journey that aims to drive significant growth relative to our industry and adjust how we are publicly perceived. Earlier this year, we announced a brand refresh and launched a new ad campaign to dispel misperceptions of the brand, starring The General brand ambassador, Shaquille O’Neal. This relationship is a continuation of our commitment to investing in programs that reflect the diverse backgrounds and interests of our customer base."

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