LeadCloud Services Overview

LeadCloud – The Lead Integration Platform for Insurance Lead Buyers

LeadCloud is a Cloud-Based Integration Platform that allows Lead Buyers to easily connect with Lead Sellers and Lead Service Providers, without the hassle of building individual integration’s with each.  Once plugged in, which is free and easy, a Lead Buyer can turn on leads from new sellers at the flip of a switch.  No more direct integration’s required.  And, they deal directly with the Lead Sellers, not through LeadCloud, to do so.

Instant Integration - Once a Lead Buyer connects to LeadCloud, they are instantly connected to all LeadCloud Sellers and Service providers, with no individual integration required.

100% Risk Free – LeadCloud is free to connect to, and there is no obligation or commitment to use your connection.

100% Transparent - LeadCloud is not a Lead Exchange, nor a Lead Aggregator. We do not get in the middle of any contracts between buyers and sellers. Lead buyers deal directly with lead sellers and lead services providers, and then simply use our platform for lead delivery.

Stable, Secure, Scalable – LeadCloud is delivered thru the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service of Amazon Web Services. A market leader in cloud platforms, AWS provides some compelling advantages around security, redundancy, and scalability.

Simplified Integration – Integration is all we do, and were quite good at it. Most integration’s are done in only a few hours.  We accept all types of posts (XML, SOAP, REST, JSON, AVRO, etc.), and do all of the mapping to our proprietary standard.

Connection to the Long Tail – LeadCloud is opening up the Long Tail Supply and Services market to large lead buyers. Today, large lead buyers are often limited to only buying from the largest lead aggregators and service providers.  But with the integration hurdle removed, they can afford to test lower volume producers giving them more direct visibility to the actual source of the lead.


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