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Helping advertisers and enterprise buyers maximize growth

Our Services


  • Instantly activate over 200 fully integrated data lead, call and click sellers

  • Get notified as new sellers are added to the platform and add almost instantly

  • Supports Direct Post and Ping/Post integrations, & shared / exclusive lead deals

  • Accommodates internal as well as purchased lead sources

  • Supports Super Click and Full Rate Return (RC1-RC3) partner integrations

  • Includes Direct option and Marketplace option simplifying contracting and payments


  • Pre-built integrations to most leading Verification, Appending & Scoring vendors

  • Automatic decisioning & routing on the responses from these vendors

  • Provides ability to Dynamically Bid allowing ping/post purchasing

  • Includes a growing list of IoT (ie. Telematics, Smart Home) partners


  • Supports email delivery, text, and real time posts to custom systems

  • Includes pre-built integrations to most leading CRM & LMS systems

  • Includes a self-service Agent Portal which can be fully branded, with site-side CMS

  • Duplicate posts to other locations such as quoting engines or outbound call & texting vendors


  • De-dup leads across all sources with custom rules

  • Manage accounts, filters, caps, and more for all sources through one interface

  • Custom reporting available via Tableau online, by download, or by email

  • Customized email and SMS alerts

Key Benefits

Instant Integration—Once lead buyers connect into LeadCloud, they are instantly connected to all of the Lead Sellers and Lead Service providers within LeadCloud, with no individual integration required. They then have the luxury of accessing these new lead sources and lead services quickly and cheaply. It becomes simple to test new vendors without a huge commitment of time or resources.


100 %Transparency— Buyers choose the sellers and service providers they choose to work with.  We offer both a Direct Platform and Marketplace Platform options to choose from.  The Direct Platform allows the buyers and sellers to contract directly, and we are just the pipes.  The Marketplace Platform allows buyers to buy from multiple sellers instantly using one agreement with LeadCloud.


Stable, Secure, Scalable—LeadCloud is delivered through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service of Amazon Web Services (AWS). A market leader in cloud platforms, AWS provides some compelling advantages.

  • Stability—Launched in 2006, AWS was a pioneer of cloud computing and is one of the largest and most tested platforms available.

  • Security—AWS is a secure, durable technology platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits: PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, and SAS 70 Type II. Our services and data centers have multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of your data.

  • Scalability – We can expand to hundreds of pre-configured servers almost instantly.


Unlimited Growth—The Lead ecosystem is growing quickly. New sources of leads and third-party services such as lead scoring, lead verification, call-center services, and data appending are appearing monthly. It is very difficult and expensive for lead buyers to try these new vendors because of the individual technical integration required. LeadCloud solves this problem by constantly finding and adding these vendors to its platform, making them instantly available to the LeadCloud buyers.


Facilitates Direct Connection to the Long Tail Suppliers—LeadCloud is opening up the Long Tail Supply and Services market to large lead buyers. Today, large lead buyers are usually limited to buying from the largest lead sellers and service providers because they are the only ones that can provide volume high enough to justify the complex integration. With LeadCloud, Lead Buyers can buy from these long tail suppliers giving them the ability to optimize toward the best performers.


Free Outsourced Integration Team—Once a lead buyer is connected to LeadCloud, he or she can use LeadCloud as a Free Outsourced Integration team. If there is a new lead supplier or Lead Service provider with whom buyers want to integrate, they simply tell us, and we build the connection. Because they are already connected to us, we do all of the integration work.

How Insurance Carriers use us today

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